Let m∠COB = 50°30’, m∠AOB = 70° and m∠AOC = 20°30’. Could point C be in the interior of ∠AOB? Why?PLEASE HELP SOON!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:Point cannot be inside ∠AOBStep-by-step explanation:Consider the provided information.m∠COB = 50°30’, m∠AOB = 70° and m∠AOC = 20°30’.The angle addition postulate states that if C is in the interior of AOB , then m∠AOC+m∠COB=m∠AOBSubstitute the respective values  in above.[tex]20\°30'+50\°30'=70\°[/tex][tex]30'+30'=60'=1\°[/tex] (∵ 1 degree is equal to 60 minutes )[tex]71\°=70\°[/tex]Which is false.Hence, point cannot be inside ∠AOB